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With the new FASCO® nailing heads, more efficiency for industrial production is guaranteed. Designed for permanent installation on automated production lines, our nailers not only fire up to 5 nails per second, but also come with a variety of optional features. Whether high capacity jumbo magazine, dry-fire control sensors or magazine control of the last nail, we have the perfect solution for every application

FASCO Italy (a BECK brand) - production of pneumatic tools - Link to YouTube Video

FASCO has resumed production

We are happy that FASCO Italy in Bologna has resumed its operations again after an extensive mandatory shutdown. All our staff is safe and healthy and on the basis of our comprehensive safety concept we can now fully attend to the needs of our customers again. We are grateful for the understanding and support during these trying times.

We have exclusive video material for you that gives some insights into the manufacture of our FASCO® pneumatic tools:  (This filming took place before the Corona crisis.)

BECK: New brand design for renowned Austrian fastening company

The inventors of the first collated nail made of wood strengthen their brand identity with a new logo and a modern brand appearance

BECK has changed. From the first collated staple, to the invention of SCRAIL®, the nail and screw combination fastener, or LIGNOLOC®, the first collated nail made of wood – the company from Austria is now more courageous, forward-thinking, visionary, technological and innovative than ever. From now on, this will also be visible to the public through a new umbrella brand and brand design.

“Our business has undergone a significant transformation in the past few years. Against the backdrop of digitization and the dynamics of continuously changing markets and customer expectations, we recognized that our company needed to modernize its brand strategy in order to remain up to date”, announces Christian Beck, General Manager and CEO of BECK, the launch of the new Corporate Brand Identity on September 16th, 2019.

Umbrella brand name is changed

The umbrella brand name is changed from BECK Fastener Group to BECK.

Modern logo and visual design system

The most visible change is the new logo and visual design system that reflects a modern look and offers a visually consistent and integrative umbrella for all product brands. The logo displays a bold B that stands for BECK and BEYOND. The B arises out of a staple, pointing out to the heritage of the brand as well as to their broad offering way beyond staples.

Brand promise becomes new brand claim

“Beyond Fastening” is the new brand claim, highlighting the company‘s capability to always create solutions beyond the usual. To strengthen and reinforce the company’s messaging, BECK added the claim as a tagline to its logo.

Please find the press-release with pictures here.


BECK Fastener Group - Company holidays

The BECK Fastener Groups company holidays will take place from December 22, 2018 up to January 6, 2019.

We wish all employees, our corporate partners and customers: Merry Christmas and a successful start to the new year. From Monday on, January 7, 2019, you can reach us as usual.


F1B automatic staplers

The FASCO® automatic staplers are specially designed for high speed work in the upholstery industry. The rapid valve is controlled solely by the trigger itself. If the trigger is slightly depressed, the tool works in single shot mode. By pressing fully, the tool switches to automatic fire, with a maximum speed of 1.600 shots per minute. This easy system allows to fix the fabric in delicate areas with single staples and then immediately switch to automatic fire. The auto trigger is available for all FASCO® F1B upholstery models. The tools can be delivered with a standard and a double load magazine.

For more information or a quotation: Contact us via or just give us a call +39 0516018221.

FASCO Coil Nailer LignoLoc F44AC

LignoLoc® Wooden Nails - A new era in the field of fastening technology

With the invention of the first collated nail made of wood, LignoLoc®, the BECK Fastener Group is striking a new path in wood-to-wood fastening. This outstanding development work was rewarded at the LIGNA trade fair in Hannover in May 2017 with third place in the awards for special innovations in the industry. Even before its official market launch, the world's first collated wooden nail numbered among all the presented new products as one of the most significant innovations.

The innovative and versatile LignoLoc® system is being introduced successfully into industrial production, ecological timber construction and many other applications. It is already being used worldwide in more than 19 countries and is continuously capturing new markets.

Excellent properties – many benefits

The revolutionary LignoLoc® wooden nails are made from European beechwood and boast a tensile strength similar to that of aluminium nails. They are processed quickly and without any prior drilling by the LignoLoc® pneumatic nailer.

They form no thermal bridges and leave no traces of corrosion. Consequently, they offer exemplary support for environmentally friendly woodworking and wood processing. Pure wood joints with LignoLoc® wooden nails can be produced in the same amount of time as joints with metal nails. LignoLoc® wooden nails are resistant to fungal infestation, so they are also particularly suitable for outdoor applications.

Exemplary ecology

Above all, LignoLoc® wooden nails stand out compared to metal nails due to their environmentally friendly properties. Beechwood is a renewable, indigenous raw material. Alongside the short transport distances, the manufacturing process for LignoLoc® wooden nails also has a beneficial effect on climate protection. In total, more carbon is bound than emitted, thereby creating a positive CO2 balance, in contrast to conventional nails.

Maximum holding power thanks to lignin welding

When LignoLoc® are driven in, they fuse perfectly with the surrounding wood, forming an inseparable bond. This effect – referred to as lignin welding – has been tested and confirmed by scientists at the University of Hamburg.

The LignoLoc® wooden nails now available on the market have a diameter of 3.7 mm. Thanks to fusing with the surrounding wood, they have no need at all for heads. They are currently supplied in lengths of 55, 60 and 65 mm.

FASCO Streifennagler F20A

FASCO® Air Driven Tools

So far 2016 has been a great year for the tool manufacturer FASCO® S.r.l. in Bologna (Italy). It has seen an unprecedented number of FASCO® innovations introduced to the market. Get an overview on all the market launches scheduled for September and October!

With more than 200 different tools, FASCO® offers one of the largest portfolios of pneumatic nailers, bradders and staplers worldwide and can therefore meet requirements ranging from the upholstery and the construction business right up to stationary tools. Also this year the company, which is a 100% subsidiary of the BECK Fastener Group®, makes large investments to make their tools even more robust and user-friendly. The following new FASCO products will be available shortly:

The new Pallet Coil Nailer F48AC CN15W-57A drives 15° wire collated nails with an increased diameter range from 2.1 – 2.5 mm.

Compared to its predecessor the new FASCO Fence Stapler F46A FENCE 40-315 appears with more power, a new depth control, a reinforced pusher and an extra magazine cover.

Also new are the FASCO F20A 18 ga. Bradder (F20A GN-50) and F20A 90-40 Narrow Crown Stapler which replace the FASCO F2B line. These new models have more power and are also suitable for hardwood applications.

Stay flexible with the new FASCO F60A CN15W-PS90 SCR Coil Nailer. The Tool is able to drive 15° wire collated and plastic collated nails and also SCRAIL® nail screw fasteners.

There is yet another thing we can reveal already now: Alongside the expansion of the pneumatic tool sector, FASCO also increases its efforts in the field of gas-driven tools. We expect a brand new Gas Fencing Tool to come out by the beginning of 2017.

Keep yourself posted – the FASCO newsletter gives you an overview and the competitive advantage you need. Registered users do not only receive first-hand information about new products and valuable applications tips, but they can also benefit from exclusive offers and promotions. Please register on the FASCO website under today!