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F44AC G-50 TL

We are proud to introduce our brand-new F44AC GN-50 TL heavy duty stapler for G5562 staples from 25 up to 50 mm (1 - 2 inch). With its patent pending new design, improved ergonomics and high strength magnesium body this stapler complements FASCO’s new generation of high performance pneumatic fastening tools.

The new design sets the pace for Fasco’s nailing line in the years to come. Crucial parts have been updated, but dealers of our actual coil nailers don’t have to worry. The parts of the old and the new models are completely interchangeable.
The new, modern look doesn't stop with the tool, but regards the packaging as well. The coil nailers are packed in completely redesigned, portable carton boxes.
The first models of our new F58A-line are the following:
for 15° coil nails length 45-70mm / diameter 2.30-2.90mm: F58A CN15W-70
for 15° coil nails length 50-83mm / diameter 2.50-3.40mm: F58AC CN15W-80
Further technical details you find on the attached leaflets.
Also attached you find the details on your pricing.

F44AC G-50 TL Heavy Duty Stapler by FASCO

The tool features a strongly improved balancing and its specially formed grip ensures easy handling, a good hold and reduces vibrations and fatigue. But there’s even more the F44AC GN-50 TL has to offer:

  • Tool-less jam clearing system: the spring on the nose gives easy access if a staple jams
  • Single shot and bumpfire with a trigger that makes it easy to change quickly from one mode to the other
  • Depth regulator to control the penetration of the staple
  • Limited recoil through balanced weight distribution
  • Air exhaust on the tool cap can easily be turned to direct air and dust away from the operator and the work surface



Wire: 1.40 x 1.60 mm | 0.055 x 0.062 inch
Staple length: 25-50 mm | 1 - 2 inch
Weight: 2.25 kg | 4.95 lbs
Compressed air: 5 – 7 bar | 70/100 psi
Capacity: 155 staples

Want to learn more about the new F44AC GN-50 TL or other members of the FASCO family? Find more information about the F44AC GN-50 TL and other tools via the product finder on this website, send us an email (CONTACT) or a RING-BACK request or just give us a call (+39 051 60181). We will be glad to advise you.